Sunday, January 17, 2016


Thought I'd give a small update to sort of tell myself what I need to do here.

I think I have enough food items for one more review...this time starring cereal...I did not know how many holiday themed cereals there were!

After that my holiday stuff should be done. I hope...getting a little tired of holiday stuff since it's bloody January!

Other then that, it's up in the air. I had a plan that after the holiday stuff I'd post about video games. I'm a collector so I go out and hunt for games. Though that would be more in April/May then right now. It's too cold here for yard sales. But I still manage to dig up games from time to time in between now and then. It's our official "dry season" it starts in late Fall/early Winter and ends like I said in late Spring because of the rain and cold.

This blog is about geeky/gamer life and that's my main geeky/gamerness. But I did conquer my fear of hot glue guns so I might do some geeky/gamer crafts I've been holding off on. I also think it's time I conquer my fear of irons so I can make perler art. Anyone in the geeky/gamer community has seen at least one geeky/gamer related perler project. So most of you should know what I'm talking about. If not, use google.

And I've told myself multiple times that I have so many damn consoles that I need to do something with why not learn how to paint them? Custom painted consoles seem to be a big thing for collectors and I have plenty of consoles to practice on (don't worry fellow collectors, these consoles are really bad off, just one step before going into the bin) so I might post about that if I figure out what paint to use...I've heard auto paint but that shit is pricey!

Another thing I've held off on is custom game cases. Or UGCs known to collectors. UGC stands for Universal Game Case. These things are great for people who collect loose cartridge games or want to protect their original boxes. Again look them up on google. But what they are, are clear plastic cases that will hold some cartridges. I say some because officially they only hold Sega Genesis, SNES, N64 and CD games in the case (PS1/DC). Unofficially most collectors "mod" them to hold any loose game. Modding means they cut the tabs inside the case that hold the games. This takes time, effort and energy to do. More so if your doing a massive collection.

Now my issue with them is having to mod them. Unless you use power'll be there forever and you'll hurt your hand. And guess who has a fear of power tools? But why not use the case as is and case the games you can? I can hear you ask...well...see the main draw for me to these cases is, cover art! There's a wonderful little site called The Cover Project and it has so many scanned pieces of art from games. People take the art insert (like PS2/Xbox/GC and up era games) and scan those onto the site so for people missing the art for whatever reason can replace it. They also scan the old boxes of retro games (like NES, SNES, N64 and even older games too). On top of the retail art, a lot of people make their own custom artwork to use. Since I'm going for both CIB (complete in box) and loose sets of games, I'd like to use custom artwork for the loose games to make them stand out. I've all ready made a few. But back to the issue...why not case the games you can. I have a junky printer. It runs out of ink fast and...well these covers can take a lot of ink. So my only options are to buy a good printer and good paper, or find a printing shop that will print copyrighted material. See the issue now? A good printer and paper will set you back and finding a shop willing to do that is...rare. The annoying thing is my art will be custom made but will still have the logos/names of games and such that are copyrighted and not my own thing. I can't get around that. That's my issue. Well that and actually getting the UGCs! The shipping is...crazy. It's about $35 for 100 cases...I doubt empty plastic cases cost that much. So yeah not excited about paying that. Thus I haven't done it yet.

But, I would like to. So maybe this year I can finally get into that. I'd like to case my N64 collection since the N64 really is my favorite console. How would this fit into the blog though? I think it would be tips for modding (if I do that) them or just how to do it all. Printing and what not. A lot of people ask how to do it so, might as well.

So tl;dr version:

1. At least one more holiday treat review coming
2. Game hunting posts
3. Geeky/gamer crafts
4. Custom painted consoles?
5. UGCs

And in the...very unlikely chance anyone reads this and is willing to comment, if you have a suggestion on something geeky/gamer related that you'd like me to post about, feel free to say something.

One thing I won't get into is let's plays or reviews. I don't have the equipment to do it, I'm only slightly interested in doing it, and Youtube/the internet is FILLED with people who do that for a living...not a adding one more person to the mix is just...not going to work.

That being said I'm more interested in game hunting videos. Now there are a few out there, but not as many as there are of let's players or reviewers. So I could go into it...provided I had a good enough spy cam. I want a spy cam verses something like a gopro cam because a lot of people HATE being filmed and I don't want to have a confrontation about it. A spy cam could be easily hidden, thus less people would see it. But they're not cheap and I'd have to go out hunting a lot more then I do for me to even think about it...I'd also have to be able to drive myself and not rely on someone else. That would make it easier to hunt. So that's way off in the future.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Finally my Fallout/post apocalyptic themed Christmas table video!

I had a hell of a time with this video. My phone wouldn't upload it to my Google drive so I had to redo the video two times...very annoying! Now that I finally have it done I can take it Store all the stuff in their right spots. I think I'll use that table now to shoot videos, easier then what I was doing.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Holiday Themed Treat Review Part 3

Target Market Pantry Frosted Sugar Cookie Ice Cream - Pretty good for a cheap store brand ice cream. I don't like the "chips" of...white chocolate or frosting? that they use...but I like the sugar cookie chunks. The ice cream itself doesn't have much flavor to it...vanillaish I guess. I'd get it again. 7/10

Target Market Pantry Snowman - Oh these are lovely. My mom loves them as well. The strawberry parts are the best on it. The chocolate part dark chocolate almost. Which I dislike. The vanilla part of the ice cream is ok...again not much flavor there. I'd get them again, just for the strawberry part...wonder if they sell the same strawberry in tubs...? Only bad thing about this is that
it melts SUPER quick...8/10

Cracker Jack Holiday Sugar Cookie Popcorn - I dislike Cracker Jack and popcorn in general so I wasn't excited for this. The taste is sugar cookie taste...just...normal Cracker Jack taste? Honestly nothing great. Also when did the prizes get to be garbage? A shitty sticker? Really? 2/10

Ikea Pepparkaka Figurer - Aka gingerbread. Now I bet some of you are wondering why I get gingerbread stuff if I hate ginger. Well...still hoping to find a gingerbread thats light on the ginger...that's why. So these smell very gingery...not a good start. The taste is...bad. On the same level with the Pepperidge farm ones...they taste burnt. And they're super dry. 2/10

Rold Gold Pretzels White Dipped Honey Braided Twists - Oh white chocolate dipped pretzels? Hell yeah. Can't go wrong with these. It's just salt covered pretzel sticks coated with white chocolate and white/red sprinkles. Yummy. Salty and sweet. 8/10

Cheetos Sweetos Cinnamon Sugar Puffs - Ick. I thought these would be good, I mean how do you mess up cinnamon and sugar? Well they found a way. They don't even taste cinnamon sugar like...I don't know what flavor that was but it was gross. The texture is a normal Cheeto. I would not get these again. 2/10

Friday, January 1, 2016

Holiday Themed Treats Review Part 2

Dove Milk Chocolate Holiday Mint Cookie - A nice coating of creamy minty chocolate that's quite refreshing, covers a chocolate and mint (?) cookie. I like the chocolate more then I like the cookie part. Wish they made a version with just the mint and chocolate. But it's Dove so it's good. 8/10

Target Tinned Gingerbread Cookie - Very light on the ginger flavor which is great. It's more of a spice cookie then gingerbread. I like the coating of large sugar crystals. The gingerbread man was very derpy looking, but cute. And of course you have a nice tin when the cookie is gone. I wish I had found more of these in different styles or was a good cookie! 9/10

Pepperidge Farm Gingerman Minis - Not a very "gingery" smell. The cookies are topped with green and red sugar crystals. The cookie is crunchy, but not hard. The flavor is...odd. I get some ginger but it's not the main flavor. There's a flavor that over powers the ginger and I'm not sure what it is. It's not cinnamon. It leaves a burned or over done flavor in my mouth. Not great. 2/10

Gingerbread Oreo - Upon opening the package, your hit with the smell of Christmas. No seriously it smells like Christmas! It's a sweet, sugary and spicy's wonderful. The oreo cookie is their normal vanilla cookie, but that cream...oh god that cream. It's the right amount of sweet and spice, I taste 0 ginger which is great...but I get...cinnamon? Whatever it is it's soooo damn good! It reminds me of something I've had before but I can't place my finger on it...something festive of course. I think these are my favorite Christmas treat this year. 10/10!!

Ikea Dryck Julmust - I thought I'd try this when I spotted it at Ikea and while it's not HORRIBLE like some "Festive" drinks, it's not good. Take the nastiest, cheapest, chemical tasting Cola you can get and add a hint of caramel to it and you get this drink. It's nasty cheap Cola tasting with a hint of caramel on the finish...about the only good thing going for this drink. 3/10