Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Organizing Woes

Long time, no post.

Health issues and life issues just kept piling up so I couldn't finish the holiday treat review before the stuff expired. No great loss...

But I have been working on something that's been bugging me for a while now. And that's cataloging my video game collection. With my OCD and Aspergers...cataloging something goes from a simple but time consuming task into something massive that eats away at your life. At one point I had five things (lists, programs, and apps) to keep track of my collection. And that got confusing and messy. I figure I'll narrow it down to two app and a Google doc spreadsheet. That way I can access both on my phone/tablet and access the spreadsheet on my computer. So far I'm just keeping the app updated till I have everything recorded on it. Then I'll use it to fill out the spreadsheet.

I'm using the My Game Collection app on Android (not being paid by them btw). It has some real issues but it's the best one I can find that keeps track of nearly every system out there. So here's some pros and cons of the case anyone wants to try it.


- Cheap/free (app is free with ad's or $1 for no ad's)
- Access it offline (so if you don't have free wifi...)
- Covers nearly every system (it covers all my systems...idk if it doesn't cover any system or not)
- Dev seems to respond to emails and is friendly (I had some issues with transferring my list from my tablet to my cell phone but he was able to work with me on it)


- Barcode scanner STILL WON'T WORK (seriously it's been freaking forever)
- Searching for some games won't work right (I'm seeing this mainly with Pac-Man games...but I saw it with a pretty damn common Xbox game called Unreal Championship...has all the other damn Unreal games but not that one!)
- It put's the The's in with the T's....(really?!)

It's not a perfect app...but it's ok.

Anyways, the main reason I'm buckling down on this cataloging is because I've had to cut myself off from buying games. I just don't have the money right now. Any money I have is going into my new PC fund. So I don't want to stop doing stuff involving collecting...thus cataloging. It'll make me interact with all my I won't feel so depressed that I can't go out and hunt.

So far I've finished cataloging all my Xbox and Xbox 360 games. I filled up two Ikea "GNEDBY" bookcases with the games. One for my Xbox games and the other for the 360 games. Ran out of room for my 360 games I might have to cull that part of my collection.

I have 64 Xbox games and 96 Xbox 360 games. And Xbox isn't even my favorite console...far from it actually. I'm a Playstation fan...but Xbox does have some console exclusives that interest me, so that's why I collect for it. I only collect exclusives or version of games that are different on that system (like SoulCalibur). But for the 360 I actually collect anything that catches my eye since my PS3 overheats and I can't replace it because I don't have the money. The PS3 was my go to system for the last gen...but now it's the 360.

Speaking of Playstation...I think I'll start on the PS1 and then move to the PS2 for my cataloging. Excluding the Xbox and 360...I have 21 more systems to's going to take a while. I think I'll take pictures of my collection when I'm done cataloging it...