Friday, January 20, 2017

All the stuff I got for Christmas/Hanukkah

Finally got around to uploading those here they are.

Not much to say on this other then it's just videos showing off all the stuff I bought for myself and stuff given to me during the holidays...pretty damn late but eh. I'm lazy like that!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Working out the backlog

I have four more videos to show off, two I'm going to show off right now. The other two are actually one but I had to split it up because it was a long video. These two were shot before Christmas.

First up is my annual Bath and Body Works haul video...I always go to B&BW before Christmas, so many lovely scents.

Second up is a Goodwill haul video, they had a few holiday related items I wanted to show off. It was also the last thrift store haul of 2016.

I hope you enjoy them. I plan on uploading the other two videos soon if I can get Youtube to work with me on this...stupid videos.