Friday, February 24, 2017

Of Candy Kits and Computers

Been fairly busy this month. I finally saved up enough money to buy my computer parts for my new PC, I'll leave the specs down at the bottom. I didn't buy everything though. I still need a new monitor, keyboard and mouse but those can be bought after awhile...I just wanted to get the basic stuff I needed as this computer is just...a clunker. I don't know how it's still running honestly.

Besides that I made a video about some Japanese candy kits I got...Poppin' Cookin' ones. I've always wanted to try them but import fees were insane...well now I can try them because my local Asian market got a bunch of them in! Yay :3

Let's see...oh and I'll have to hold off on making those kits for a month or two...I'm currently on a strict elimination diet which is NOT fun.

Other then that I've been working on taking pictures of my game collection as it stands now and trying to make progress with my new game room. It's slow going. I've really only carried stuff from my bedroom into the game room honestly...I need to do a lot to that room but other things keep getting in the way.

Things to do for game room:

- Paint
- Figure out shelving
- Get light fixtures
- Put plugin covers on
- Figure out how to block the sun
- Figure out heating/cooling
- Get a TV
- Get a comfortable chair
- Start moving games/consoles in

All of these things need to be done in the order they are on the list. Like, I have to have my shelves built before I put my games on them, and I need the room heated because it gets cold in there and I don't want my games in a cold room...and I also need to figure out how to make that horrible smell go away...the paint on the walls now stinks to high heaven...I'm hoping a new layer of different paint will get rid of the stink.

Anyways enough of that, here's the video of the kits and my PC specs.

PC Part Picker List:

Hope you enjoy it.