Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Iceberg Curry and an Update

So awhile ago I got a package from Candysan that had a box of Iceberg Curry in it. I was holding off on eating it while I did my diet but now that I've stopped, I'm eating as much of the Japanese snacks as I can since I'll be going back on a diet after I talk to my GI specialist and nutritionist.

Now about that update. Sorry I haven't posted anything...my computer is sucking up all my time lol. I've also been busy helping my parents out around the house. I have quite a few videos waiting to be put on here...including holiday ones...urg. Better late then never? I'll try to remind myself to post more on here...

Anyways I thought I'd comment on the curry.

Now I know how it looks but, don't judge a book by it's cover. Literally since it's supposed to look like this.


So since I can't read Japanese and the site didn't have much info on this, I'll just copy and paste the info they do give.

"This curry comes straight from Hokkaido in northern Japan. This combination of blue and white curries reproduces the ice of northern Japan in winter. The color of the curry is obtained from natural ingredients. This is the only natural blue curry in the world, and Candysan is the first official partner of the manufacturer to sell it outside Japan."

"This curry with fruit is not sweet. It remains spicy with a good curry taste. Adding fruit sweetens the dish a little, giving it a fruity aftertaste and a delicate fragrance. Japanese curry with fruit is known to be generous and use good quality ingredients."

I'll be grading this on texture, taste, smell and appearance.

I should note that the box came with two packets. One the blue, was the curry "sauce" the other; the white; was a thin and watery cream sauce with chicken in it.

Appearance - F

As you can see from my picture and the picture on the box, the appearance is way off. The box curry looks thick but fluffy, rich and creamy and the color is much brighter. The real curry is thin and off color.The actual curry part was thicker then the chicken sauce but not as thick as the box makes you think. The white sauce was also having issues with separation. As you can see in my picture some of the oil was floating to the top.

Smell - C

"Delicate fragrance" Another lie. It smelled like packaged curry sauce...nothing new.

Taste - B

This is where the curry wins honestly. The taste is great. It's spicy but not OMFG MY MOUTH IS ON FIRE like most curry's that are labeled as "spicy" are. I'd say if normal spicy curry is a spice level 5, and curry they feed to kids is a 1, this curry is a 2.5 or possibly a 3. It was hot enough to tingle my mouth but not burn it like most spicy food does. Though I have no doubt I'll have heartburn later.

Anyways the taste. It's spicy, you can taste the curry and spices they used, but it has an undernote of sweetness that I've never really had in a curry. Odd since most Japanese curry is sweet. But where other curry hints at sweetness, this one it really stands out. It's not like a candy sweetness...it's like a savory sweetness. Like you might get from a BBQ sauce. It's delightful.

Texture - D

The texture isn't very good. The blue curry is like most instant curry, not thick but not thin. Average but the chicken white sauce is horrible. Very runny and watery. When I first poured it out it splashed all over the place. The taste is creamy though.

So overall this is a somewhat average instant curry with an interesting sweetness to it. If your into curry I'd say go for it. More so if you can't handle spice like me. You can find the curry on Candysan and it's currently on sale (I'm not being paid by them FYI...wish I was!). So now might be a good time to try it.

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